eNow, what is the difference between the hill country and the big city? Many say they live slower and less stressful, but for me, the night sky is also a significant difference.
When have you lasted looked up into the sky and seen the stars and the Milkyway? Many city children have never seen that before, and many adults haven’t seen it for years.
Here in the hill country, we don’t have light pollution as you have it in the city. Here it’s dark at night, and this gives you a better night’s sleep.
For the city-dwellers, sleep is something they can’t get enough off, and many are getting sick from the lack of good night sleep.

Burnouts are more prevalent with people that live in the city vs. people that live in the hill country, and that can enjoy the time off. The hill country and Comfort is also friendlier when it comes to your neighbors. Many people in the city have never talked to their neighbors and wouldn’t even know who they are. Here neighbors are more helpful and also love to chat with you.
So, in the long run, you can see that living in the hill country, you only have advantages. And the best way to find a new home in the hill country is with Comfort Land and Homes as we are the real estate specialists of the hill country.

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