People that are looking for real estate, property, houses, and ranches in the Hill Country always wonder why they should choose us over the large nationwide agencies that spend so much more in marketing and have shiny flyers and more. This is actually already one of the reasons why you should go with a small realtor like Comfort Land and Homes as we are locally owned and we don’t spend thousands on marketing and shiny printed flyers. When you buy with us, your money doesn’t go into a high rise building in New York or San Francisco, your money stays right here in the community you are buying into. You are getting local deals and not deals made by someone out of state.
We are proud to live in the cities we are selling property in and we know many of the sellers already on a personal base. We build up trust and we don’t need huge marketing budgets to find the best property for you. We find it with experience, friendship and knowledge.
When you buy with Comfort Land and Homes, we give you the knowledge where to eat, drink and shop. We can tell you which Texas State Parks are best for hiking, biking, fishing and camping and we will let you know about local events such as the pancake dinner, the 4th of July parade, the Christmas parade which is one of the biggest in the area, and more.
We are not from some big city and try to send you to a small town, we live in the town we want you to come and live at.
Let us welcome you with our hearts and souls.

Beautiful Flower at Hotel Faust
Beautiful Flower

Here in Boerne, Kerrville, Comfort and the Hill Country, you have nature right around you but also the option to be within 45 minutes in San Antonio. We offer the best of two worlds.

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