Location is everything when buying a property or home in the hill country. We here at Comfort Land and Homes know this better than anyone else. We Comfort real estate that gets you to the next level in comfortland. Our houses for sale in Comfort Tx are the best you can find.

But let’s face it when buying houses in the hill country, you are not just buying some property, you are buying a part of the community in the hill country.
When you buy houses in San Antonio, you can live there without having to face your neighbors for a long time. When buying homes in Comfort, houses in Boerne, or Ranches in Texas, you are part of the community.

So when you are ready to buy a home, talk to the neighbours, drive around the neighbourhood and check it out before buying.
Check out the fences of other properties, good fences make good homes. Nicely arranged front patios show that your neighbours care for it.
Visit local bistro’s, restaurants and wine bars. Talk to the owners and guests and see if this is the right environment for you.

We at Comfort Land and Homes don’t just have homes for sales in Comfort, we also have the knowledge and experience to match every home to the right buyer.
And if you don’t want to buy right away, we also have homes for rent in Comfort. Homes for rent in Boerne and the hill country.

People enjoying the weather at the Christmas parade

Live music at a local wine bar.

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